Learn DOSING, INSERTION, AND HOW TO MONETIZE pellet therapy for your male and female patients

BHRT Provider Pellet Training Program

is a comprehensive program that covers:

  • Identifying symptoms and indications for pellet therapy
  • Research supporting the use of estrogen and testosterone
  • Benefits, effectiveness, and advantages of pellet therapy
  • Pellet dosing protocols for men and women
  • Hormone balance protocols
  • Risks
  • Ordering labs
  • Monitoring
  • Suggestions and clinical tips
  • Conventional HRT to pellets
  • Topical BHRT to pellets
  • Administrative documents, consents, patient materials
  • Live training in a real practice
  • Ongoing mentorship


  • Schedule a call with an advisor to set up your training date.
  • Access mentoring from hormone pellet providers.
  • Watch the educational training online at your convenience.
  • Attend a 1-day live insertion training with an expert pellet provider.
  • Access mentoring from hormone pellet providers.



"Donna’s training has been invaluable to my practice. It provided me the knowledge and confidence to safely and effectively prescribe BHRT, and my practice is thriving because of it!"

Shawnie Perkins, PA

Arbor Vitae Medical Center

“I’m doing the course and it is AMAAAAZING!! I’ve studied hormones and all the other courses are so complicated only to leave me confused (like I don’t know a single thing). Literally this is going to change my practice. I’ve been turning patients away because I didn’t have the confidence or clarity and I am not one to ‘dabble’ because it could be dangerous in my opinion. Thank you for recommending this!”

Shawnie Perkins, PA

"Donna White’s BHRT provider’s training course was invaluable. It was easy to follow, comprehensive and armed me with exactly what I needed to feel confident about seeing patients. Even a year later I still refer back to my notes when I have a complicated case or need a refresher."

Nicole M. Bentivegna, MSN, RN, NP-C

Signature Wellness, Integrative & Functional Medicine

“As a pharmacist the course has been fantastic to help inexperienced providers with BHRT, and it will help set us apart from other pharmacy providers in the area who don’t have the clinical knowledge on prescribing, dosing, and testing BHRT. Thanks for putting the mentor and weekly training sessions online on the site. The mentor sessions and Master level trainings as well as supplemental learning at the end of the modules have been great and added tremendous insights to augment the modules.”

Harry Porter, R.Ph.

"I definitely recommend Donna White’s BHRT Provider’s Program to any clinician new to BHRT or experienced in BHRT but wanting to enhance their knowledge or grow their practice. The protocols are very easy to use and very thorough and easy for clinicians to go back and reference. If you are looking for a training program that’s thorough and concise, I think you’ll find the BHRT Provider’s Program the way to go."

Diana Williams, MSN, RN, FNP-C

Precision Wellness Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine

“Thank you so much for this program and opportunity. I am truly enjoying the pace and the dedication you have given to help us learn and succeed. I have used the program for a few people, and it is truly amazing to see how much better people feel. I am excited for the opportunities to grow professionally and learn more.”

Amy Roden, NP

My experience with the BHRT Training Academy gets FIVE STARS! As a new Nurse Practitioner, I was afraid that I would not be able to comprehend the complexity of the course. The BHRT Training Academy presents the material in small bites of sensible information that can be completed conveniently on your own schedule. Along the way, there were links to excellent hormone management presentations by top leaders in their field that further expanded the knowledge of the course. Those presenters included Dr. Deborah Matthew, Dr. James Wilson, Dr. Jim Paoletti, and Dr. Lindsey Berkson! In addition, the ongoing Mentor Classes are phenomenal for answering patient specific questions and navigating aspects of BHRT practice. The information simply can't be beat!

My hands-on pellet training was much more than just learning how to insert the pellets in a hotel conference room. Dr. Matthew is very personable and knowledgeable. As a small group, we observed insertion of pellets in several of her clinic patients (with permission) and practiced pellet insertion under direct supervision of Dr. Matthew and Donna White. They answered any questions we had and covered important aspects of business strategy and patient approach. It was a pleasure to meet Donna White after listening to hours of her presentations! She really is as delightful as she sounds in the course and Master Classes.

My colleagues are raising their eyebrows at the amount of valuable information I have learned in this course. My patients are delighted to finally have some validation of their symptoms, and I am happy to offer appropriate testing and options for relief. This is an excellent course, and I would recommend it to any provider who would like to be able to offer the same relief to their patients.

Rebecca Johns

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