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How to add BHRT and TRT to your practice to better serve your patients and add predictable revenue to your practice... without going through year-long certifications, huge investments, or being locked into contracts!

Grab our guide & training to discover...

  • The 4 key components you need to learn to get started in BHRT.

  • 8 Reasons why now is the time to enter the menopause & andropause market expected to be $9.92B by 2026.

  • Why BHRT providers report better patient satisfaction, enjoy more revenue and a flexible work schedule.

  • How to choose the right BHRT training & certification program for you

Become a respected BHRT expert with a thriving practice, without investing a lot of time, stress, or money.

Do you want to...

  • Generate revenue in as little as 8 weeks?

  • Stay clear of restrictive contracts or devices you have to buy for each patient (so you you retain your independence)?

  • Learn about ALL dosing forms (incl. creams and pellets) for male & female hormone balance and replacement?

  • Master thyroid, adrenal, and insulin optimization as well as supplement protocols?

  • Get practice set-up resources, consents, tools, templates, & patient education materials?

"This training has been invaluable to my practice. It provided me with the knowledge and confidence to safely and effectively prescribe BHRT, and my practice is thriving because of it!"

Shawnie Perkins, PA

Arbor Vitae Medical Center

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